Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Smashing Success

Happy 2013!  I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year and enjoyed whichever winter holiday you choose to celebrate!  For me, that entailed a fabulous Christmas, complete with a much-needed, lengthy trip home, a beer tasting with friends I don't see nearly often enough, and a quiet New Year's Eve celebration with an old friend.

But well before I headed north for Christmas, I had the pleasure of going to the preview party for the brand new Smashburger on Devine Street.  Since I'm always on the lookout for a good burger, I was pretty excited when the invitation showed up in my email.  The only part of my that was skeptical, was the part with a natural aversion to chain restaurants.  Thankfully, my skepticism was unfounded.

On the day of the event, The April Blake and I carpooled over to the restaurant, where we met R (who had agreed to be my plus one), Elizabeth (from Gastronomy by a Wanna-Be Chef), and a handful of Columbia's best bloggers.  When we walked in, we had the chance to talk to the local owners of the restaurant, and also to Smashburger founder, Tom Ryan.