Oh the Places You'll Go

So here's the deal.  I started this project for two reasons.  1) I had dinner with friends and it was so fantastic that I had to tell everyone about it.  2) I won a contest sponsored by the Columbia Visitors Center.  The prize was a $50 gift card to each restaurant that had participated in Columbia's restaurant week.  That equated to 27 meals.

These are all the places I will be going:
1. Wild Wing Cafe (locations in the Vista, Sandhills, and Harbison)
4. Any of the restaurants at the Sheraton Columbia Downtown
15. The Great American Grill at the Hilton Garden Inn

In addition, I'll be writing any time I go out to eat, whether it's for drinks at happy hour or for a casual lunch or dinner.  And you'll get to hear all about the deliciousness that my friends make in their kitchens and on their grills.

I'm also happy to accept guest posts.  If you've been somewhere amazing or prepared an incredible meal, email me and we can work something out.

If there is someplace that you're dying to find out about, email me.  I'm happy to go and preview it for you.