Friday, May 11, 2012

Burgers and Day Drinking at Henry's Grill & Bar

I've been hearing good things about Henry's Grill & Bar for quite some time.  Like most places I hear about though, I never quite manage to get there.  Thankfully, about a month ago, L called on a random Saturday and said "Let's Go Eat" a la Hunter Pence (which may be a reference that only those of you who are Phillies fans will understand).  I said that we should try some place new, so we ended up at Henry's.

It was an utterly gorgeous day, so the original plan was to sit outside.  L got there first, made for a table on the patio, started to shift the table a bit to one side so that we wouldn't be sitting in the laps of the people next to us, and then got told off by the server for doing so.  I wasn't there, so I can't verify any of this, but I'm pretty positive that L wasn't moving the table more than a few inches so that everyone would be more comfortable.  But whatever.  L was irritated, so she walked away, and she, R, and I ended up eating inside.  No big deal.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Indie Grits Kickoff Party

My apologies for being the worst blogger on the face of the planet.  In my defense, a new round of classes just started for me and work has been utterly insane, so the motivation to do anything other than study, work, eat, and sleep has been in short supply.  But I'm back now and am even trying a new lunch spot today, so stay tuned.

I really wanted to do an in-depth post on the Indie Grits kickoff party that I was lucky enough to attend, but given that it was two weeks ago, it's not really very timely.  Instead, I'm going to link you over to a post on the subject by my plus one for the evening, The April Blake.  She has a great recap of the event, including some of the activities we participated in (make your own Lite Brite anyone?), and the food we ate.  The event was a blast, and it was packed.  The music was entertaining and the dance floor was at capacity.  A good time all around.  Many thanks for the tickets.

The one thing I really do want to comment on was Chef Scott Hall's catering.  He and his staff set up a grits bar - lots of grits plus some amazing toppings.  Here's the thing.  I don't like grits.  It's mostly a texture thing.  I don't really like oatmeal or cream of wheat or things of that nature either.  Usually, I can manage to choke down about a spoonful of grits, and that's only when they are more cheese than grit.  So, despite knowing how awesome Scott's cooking is, I was a little unsure of how much I would be able to eat.  I fully intended to take my customary small spoonful and then top it with super fresh ingredients like wasabi peas (amazing), cilantro & lime slaw, fried leeks (again, amazing), marinated mushrooms, strawberries, bleu cheese, collards, and assorted salsas.  And then I tried the grits.  And they were divine.  They were so creamy and so well flavored (and vegan!) that I could have used a lot less of the toppings.  If grits were always like this, I would eat them way more often.

Right.  So head over to April's blog and read her post.  And then, hopefully tomorrow, head over to my Facebook page for my own pictures of the event.

I hope some of you were able to make it to some of the Indie Grits events.  The schedule looked amazing, but unfortunately, I was only able to make it to the kickoff party.  If you made it to any of the other events, and want to recap them, let me know.  I'll be happy to post a guest blog or two.