Friday, May 11, 2012

Burgers and Day Drinking at Henry's Grill & Bar

I've been hearing good things about Henry's Grill & Bar for quite some time.  Like most places I hear about though, I never quite manage to get there.  Thankfully, about a month ago, L called on a random Saturday and said "Let's Go Eat" a la Hunter Pence (which may be a reference that only those of you who are Phillies fans will understand).  I said that we should try some place new, so we ended up at Henry's.

It was an utterly gorgeous day, so the original plan was to sit outside.  L got there first, made for a table on the patio, started to shift the table a bit to one side so that we wouldn't be sitting in the laps of the people next to us, and then got told off by the server for doing so.  I wasn't there, so I can't verify any of this, but I'm pretty positive that L wasn't moving the table more than a few inches so that everyone would be more comfortable.  But whatever.  L was irritated, so she walked away, and she, R, and I ended up eating inside.  No big deal.

We glanced at the menu and ordered a couple of beers and some fried pickles.  I love fried pickles, so I was happy.  They were crisp, the tang of the pickle came through, and the dipping sauce was pretty tasty.  The only drawback was that by the time we got to the bottom and middle of the plate, the remaining pickles were swimming in grease and so were a bit on the soggy side.
The ones on top were pretty good though!
L had what she described as one of the greatest sandwiches ever.  Judging by the way she inhaled it before I had time to get a picture, I'd say she was probably correct.  She ordered the Shrimp Philly, which was shrimp, provolone, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, and jalapeno sauce.  It looked fantastic, and if I could eat shrimp, I would totally order it sometime.

SIDE NOTE:  Something that really bothers The Hungry Lady is when places bill things as "Philly" - like cheesesteak, shrimp philly, etc - and then put green peppers on it.   Traditional Philly sandwiches do NOT have green peppers (those would be the style found in the Lehigh Valley that also include tomato sauce).  Actually all they have are the thinly sliced protein, sauteed onions, and cheese.  Add your mushrooms and peppers if you must, but PLEASE stop referring to these sandwiches as "Philly" anything.  It's misleading for those of us hoping for a taste of our homeland.  And for the love of all that is holy, don't add lettuce, tomato, and / or mayo.  That's not "Philly," that's just gross (and properly referred to as a cheesesteak hoagie, as long as it doesn't have mayo).

Moving on.  R and I both ordered burgers.  I had heard marvelous things about Henry's burgers for a few people, including a guest reviewer on this blog in this post.  I think by now you all know how much The Hungry Lady loves a good burger, so I was pretty excited to try one.  R got the Surf & Turf burger that came with grilled shrimp, onions, and Red Dragon cheese.  Just FYI, Red Dragon Cheese is fantastic.  It's made from brown ale and mustard seeds, and I could eat it by the pound.  It makes a spectacular burger topping too, as both R and I found out.

Look at the size of those shrimp!  And really the size of the burger in general.
R was really pleased with his burger, so I had high hopes for mine.  I kept it simple, and just went with the Henry's Signature Burger, which has mushrooms, onions, and Red Dragon cheese.  What I loved the most was that the toppings were under the cheese.  I hate when I'm eating a burger with mushrooms or onions and they all fall off because there's nothing holding them onto the burger.  This way, they don't slide off.  The burger was perfectly cooked and juicy.  The cheese added this incredible burst of flavor, that really made the burger for me.
There are a ton of mushrooms and onions hiding under that cheese.
Overall, we had a great time.  The food was fabulous and the beer was cold.  Our server was a little cranky to start, but she got better as the day went on.  Henry's was really a nice place to grab a casual bite to eat and enjoy some good company.  I imagine it's pretty nice to sit outside too, so I'll have to try that sometime.

Final Rating

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  1. What's the Hunter Pence reference?

    1. Right after Pence joined the Phillies last August, he was interviewed after a game. He was asked what he was thinking as he was scoring the game winning run and he said "Good game. Let's Go Eat." It became a bit of a joke slogan in Philly - there were even t-shirts made. The interview is here: Just one of those quirky baseball fan base things.

  2. Fried pickels are my all time FAVORITE guilty pleasure food- so salty and yummy. Too bad those were soggy- the one cut is long spears stay crispier longer...sad that I know that :)

    1. These pickles weren't soggy to start. I just think we ate a little too slowly and let them sit too long. Totally our fault.

      I love fried pickles though. One of my favorite appetizers to get.