Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guest Review - Contest Winner and Henry's

Remember back in September when I sponsored a contest?  Well, the prize was a $50 gift card to the winner's restaurant of choice.  The winner, after much Facebook voting, was Polly, who also writes the blog La Cucina di Paulina. Her winning entry was a very tasty looking summer salad.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to try it before all of the awesome summer fruits and veggies went out of season, but it's on my radar for next year.
Doesn't that look awesome?
After she won, Polly asked that the gift card be to Henry's on Devine Street.  I ran down there during lunch one day to pick up her prize, and to be honest, almost spent it while I was there.  Some of the food coming out of the kitchen looked incredible.  I'll have to get back there soon when I actually have time to eat.  I asked Polly if she would mind recapping her meal for us, and she happily obliged.

My parents and I along with one of our best friends had a fabulous time. As ALWAYS Henry's delivered super fast, super fresh and delicious food. My Mom and our friend Lynn each had the amazing BLT, I had half of a Bacon Burger with bleu cheese and my Dad played it "holy" with a grilled chicken sandwich (no cheese no bacon, why bother?). As always, he stole half my fries. If you haven't eaten at Henry's, do yourself the favor, the food is wonderful, affordable and the service is terrific. And oh, have the fries, and the bacon!

This is my kind of bacon cheeseburger.
Even with nothing on it, that chicken sandwich looks good to me.
These look like some well-satisfied customers.

Thanks Polly for sharing your experience with us!  I've heard some marvelous things about Henry's, so I'll be checking it out soon!

You can find Henry's on Facebook or on the web

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  1. That looks like a family that knows food.