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American Spirit Whiskey now available in South Carolina

And I'm back.  I'm working on what may be a massive post detailing my vacation to the Gulf Coast (lots of good food and amazing music), so you'll get that shortly.  In the meantime, I have some drinking news to share with y'all.

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Right before I left for vacation, the fine folks at American Spirit Whiskey (ASW) emailed me to let me know that their product was finally going to be available in SC, and wanted to know if I'd pass the information on to y'all.  Being the helpful (and humble) blogger that I am, I said I'd be happy to let the masses know about their product.  Please note, that I haven't yet tried it...this post is solely so y'all are aware of what's out there.  If anyone has tried it and wants to send in a review, just let me know.

ASW is a white whiskey, which basically means that it is unfinished whiskey, probably more akin to the jar of corn liquor in your freezer than that aged bottle of Jameson you only bring out for special occasions (or maybe that's just my family...). Just do a Google search for "white whiskey" and you'll find all kinds of reviews and details. As you can imagine, most of those reviews will talk about how much of a bit most white whiskeys have.  ASW, at least according to the press release, uses an ultra filtration system to remove most of that bite.  That process is what puts ASW in a position to bridge the gap between dark whiskeys and bourbons and clear liquors like gin and vodka, earning it the moniker "Most Versatile Whiskey in the World."  By all accounts, ASW seems to make an excellent mixer - they even feature a recipes section on their website for whiskey cocktails.  Very Don Draper.  Some of the recipes actually sound pretty fantastic, so there might be a bottle of ASW in my future.

Looks pretty refreshing to me....
At any rate, though ASW is based in Atlanta, the actual whiskey is refined and bottled in Charleston.  The product has just become available in Columbia (look for it at Green's) or other SC locations.  Be sure to check ASW out on Facebook and Twitter.   

You can read the full release after the jump.
The Most Versatile Whiskey in the World is Now Available for
Martinis and Mason Jars Throughout the Palmetto State

ATLANTA (May 11, 2012) – As of Saturday, May 5, American Spirit Whiskey™ (ASW), the most versatile white whiskey on the market, will be available throughout the state of South Carolina. The product is made in South Carolina and will roll out in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville, followed by other cities across the state.
ASW was founded by Jim Chasteen and Charlie Thompson, two whiskey lovers and friends who met at the University of Georgia and, after developing careers in real estate and finance, created their very own distinctive spirit in November 2011.
 “American Spirit Whiskey is a craft whiskey that is both accessible and versatile, and we hope our product will change consumers’ minds about what a whiskey can be,” explains Chasteen. “Southern culture and nostalgia for classic Americana are at the root of our whiskey, which makes it appealing to a broad range of spirits drinkers,” Chasteen adds. 
ASW is a mixable white whiskey that is made in small batches using choice hearts from the finest bourbon-quality “white dog” (a common name for un-aged whiskey).  The whiskey’s un-aged bourbon component is comprised of 60% corn, 36% rye and 4% barley.  It is then ultra filtered to remove the bite of a typical un-aged whiskey, resulting in an accessible craft spirit with a unique character and an exceptional versatility. Because ASW occupies a space between neutral spirits like gin and vodka and more traditional whiskies like bourbon and rye, it can be sipped on the rocks or used to make whiskey cocktails. ASW can even serve as a substitute for rum and tequila.
The patented, revolutionary filtration and maturation process that ASW goes through also greatly reduces many of the congeners and free radicals that occur in distilled spirits and are known to negatively impact flavor and contribute to hangovers. This process uses ultra-sonic waves to mellow the whiskey and gives it a smooth character without the need for long-term barrel aging.
“We look forward to showing South Carolina residents that our product is one that can be sipped on its own as well as easily pulled out of the liquor cabinet at home or local restaurant to make a quick mixed drink,” says Thompson. “However, we also think bartenders will be able to create sophisticated, complex cocktails using American Spirit Whiskey as the base spirit,” he adds.
ASW’s suggested retail price is $29.99 per bottle. The whiskey’s label features a white dog, which is meant to remind drinkers that every bottle contains the distinguished tradition of un-aged whiskey that pre-dates the histories of both American bourbon and rye whiskey.
ASW and its owners are based in Atlanta, but the product itself is refined and bottled in Charleston, South Carolina.  The whiskey is now available in 150+ liquor stores and 100+ top restaurants/bars across the state of Georgia. Consumers and retailers who are interested in purchasing or offering ASW in South Carolina can contact Palmetto Beverage Brokers at803-767-1322. For more information, visit or ASW’s Facebook page.


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