Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brunching downtown: Motor Supply Co.

Good news y'all!  My crazy summer class has finally ended, and work is returning to normal, so that means you'll get to enjoy my ramblings a little more often!  At least until the middle of September when my fall classes start - Econ and Finance.  Seriously.  Who thought those two should be paired together?

Anyway.  I'm still working on catching up on a ton of posts.  With this one, I'll be finally finished with May, so I'm hoping to get caught up soon.  There are some pretty awesome things happening in Hungry Lady land, but I want to get caught up before I share the news.

And now, without further ado, let's talk about the most important meal of any weekend: Brunch.

Way back at the end of May, L's boyfriend came into town for a visit.  They had all kinds of fun things planned, but on the Sunday he was here, it was all about food and Game of Thrones.  I'm sure you've picked up by now exactly how nerdy my friends and I are, so you should not be surprised that a day long GoT marathon was in order.  But first, we needed sustenance.  And L's boy had to meet the parents. So the friends tagged along to ease the tension.  Where better to go than Motor Supply Co. Bistro.

L has been telling me for years that I needed to go to Motor Supply, but I somehow never made it there.  On this occasion, I was glad I did.  It was an utterly gorgeous day in May, and we were sitting on the patio.  There were 7 of us, so we took up a pretty big table.  We started with a basket of pastries, a round of coffee, and mimosas and bloody marys.  

First the bloody marys.  I ordered the O.C. Bloody, which comes with a variety of vodkas.  O.C., if I remember correctly, stands for owner's choice.  It was perfect.  It wasn't thick and it didn't get watered down by an overabundance of ice.  It had just enough spice to give the tongue a little ZING! but not enough to be overpowering.

Next, breakfast.  We were actually pretty unadventurous when it came to ordering.  There was a quiche, some french toast, a basic breakfast platter, and 4 orders of crab cakes benedict.  Mine was the only one I got a picture of - really taking pictures of 7 plates just wasn't going to happen.  I had the crab cakes.  It came with a bowl of fresh fruit, and grits. I pretty much despise grits, so I asked for hash brown casserole instead.

What a beautiful plate of food.
First the hashbrowns.  They were almost creamy from all of the cheese used.  It was almost like eating a hashbrown risotto.  They were awesome.  The crab cakes were perfectly cooked.  They definitely were spot on with the crab to breading ratio too.  Read: almost all crab, very little breading.  The eggs were just perfectly poached so that the yolk ran a bit when I cut into it, but net enough to make a huge mess.  The hollandaise sauce?  Divine.  Wonderful flavor that accentuated the flavor of the eggs and the crab cakes.  And, of course, the fruit was juicy and very very fresh.

One of the best things about Motor Supply? The menu changes daily. So it's really just a big surprise as to what you'll get.  Though, judging by how awesome brunch was, any meal will be delicious.  My new plan is to try to get there for lunch and / or dinner one day.  I've seen some of the lunch menus, and they've made my mouth water.  Some day...when I have the time to enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Final Rating:

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  1. Have you tried some of their specialty cocktails? They are the best in town (in my humble opinion). If you sit at the bar, the bartender (Josh, I think) does a great job of recommending drinks. My wife and I go there on special occasions just for the drinks.

    1. Agreed! Josh is the best bartender in town. His enthusiasm for the cocktail is amazing!

    2. Good to know! Assuming I make it there for dinner sometime soon, I'll make sure I grab a seat at the bar.

  2. While I am glad that the place got such a wonderful review from you, I can't help but point out the obvious differences in your brunch from every other brunch that is served there. I have been VERY familiar with this restaurant for several years now, and your experience looks like it was quite different than that of the average diner. To start, Motor Supply has a pretty strict "scrambled eggs only" rule that they even print on the menu. They have never offered crab cakes Benedict (I have even heard them scoff at the idea of doing so), and for the most part, you would never be offered a hash brown casserole. Roasted potatoes are the norm here. The picture of food look completely uncharacteristic of the restaurant. My point is, all of this looks great, but it is completely staged. What good is it to write a review of a place when they obviously know who you are, know what you are doing there, and then go out of their way to make your experience special. I'm sure that everyone else who dined there for brunch that day had a different experience altogether.

    1. It's the only time I've ever been at Motor Supply for brunch, so I have no idea if my experience was the norm. I don't know anyone who works there or who is even remotely affiliated with Motor Supply, so I sincerely doubt that they knew I was coming in to review. I certainly didn't tell them, and I am 99.9% sure none of my friends called ahead and said I was coming in either.

      But, from what I remember, all of the other plates of food that we saw go past that day looked the same. Maybe they were just trying something new?