Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Food in Photos

I know, I know.  It's been about 437 years since I've posted something that didn't have to do with my book. I have things to post from way back in January, I just haven't had time to get them together.  Maybe I should learn how to use the "schedule posts" feature.  Or maybe I just need better time management skills. But I digress.  The point is, that since I've had posts waiting in the wings for six months, I'm afraid I won't be able to write decent reviews because I can barely remember what I had for dinner yesterday, let alone in January.  So instead, you get to enjoy a photo recap with as much detail as I can remember.  Apologies for taking the easy way out.  Life should slow down soon and I should be able to get back on track with the blogging.  Onwards and upwards!

 A lovely haul from the farmers' market at 711 Whaley from late last summer.  I made some fabulous sausage & pepper sandwiches using the goodies from Caw Caw Creek and the peppers featured here.
 R & I had dinner in during the fall. He made these gems....crab stuffed avocados with tomatoes and parmesan.

From brunch at @116 this fall with The April Blake. I had the three potato hashbrowns with two over medium eggs on top. From what I remember, it was awesome. The different kinds of potatoes were great.

These two were from lunch at Taziki's with R. The lamb gyro was everything I needed it to be, and the cucumber and tomato salad was perfection. I was disappointed in the baklava, but everything else was so good that I almost didn't mind. Definitely stop in for a meal the next time you're over at Cross Hill Market doing some shoppping.

Way back in March, my friend A came up from Charleston to attend the wedding of one of our grad school friends. After a wonderful time celebrating R & K, we were definitely ready for some Sunday brunch. We headed to Cafe Caturra, where we had a lovely meal out on the patio. A had the Turkey Avocado sandwich with the goat cheese salad. I went for a more breakfasty item, and had the mushroom and white cheddar frittata and a bloody Mary. The frittata, potatoes, and greens were exactly what I wanted. The bloody Mary, not so much. A little too watery and tomatoey for my taste. I tend to like them thicker and spicier. But that's just my preference. It hasn't stopped me from going back to Cafe Caturra for brunch.

In late March, my friend T found herself on a work trip in Charlotte. We've known each other for 17 years, but now only get to see each other once or twice a year. So, when she said she'd be in the Queen City, we made a dinner date and I headed up I-77 to meet her. She decided she wanted to try Emeril's E2 restaurant, so that's where we went.  I had whatever their fish special was. The fish wasn't anything fabulous, but the mixture of white asparagus and snap peas that came with it was outstanding. T had the  steak, which she really enjoyed. For me, the company was better than the meal, but the food was pretty good too.

By now, I'm sure you realize the my friends and I are giant nerds. Well, we get together every Sunday night for dinner and Game of Thrones. In honor of the RW episode, we decided to cook up a wedding feast. Loosely based on the brilliance of the folks at Inn at the Crossroads and the descriptions of the feast from A Storm of Swords, we had chicken & veggie skewers, green bean, onion, & beet salad with goat cheese, lemon bars for dessert, and of course, some bread & salt and lots of wine. 

At the beginning of June, L was getting ready to head out for a fabulous vacation, so we met for brunch before her flight. We decided to hit Oak Table, because we'd been trying to get there for brunch for months (we went for dinner during Restaurant Week, and loved it). First, we split the housemade poptart, which was a peach cobbler flavor. She had the frittata (which I assume was awesome...we went back for brunch this morning, and I had the frittata and loved it), and I had the Banh Mi Tostada. Caramelized pork, cabbage, sriracha, and a fried egg on a tostada. This is one of the single greatest breakfasts I've had in a long time. Paired with one of the best bloody Marys that I've ever had, and I was in heaven.  The post-brunch nap was pretty awesome too.

And finally, we have the single best margarita ever. Why was it the best ever? Because it was consumed the day that I finished my Saturday classes for grad school. And because Cantina 76 makes a damn fine margarita. 

Right. So now that grad school is finished (HOORAY!!!!), I'll be hopefully back to blogging regularly. I'm headed out for a two week vacation on Saturday, but when I get back, you'll definitely get a full recap of me eating and drinking my way through Ireland, Wales, Paris, and London. Cheers!

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