Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sometimes you really just have to satisfy a craving.

I'm really trying to do my best with this blog to avoid repeating restaurants.  But sometimes, the food is just so good that I have to share my experience.  Back at the beginning of April, I wrote about my dinner at Cellar on Greene.  I was pretty anxious to go back, but circumstances prevented it until a couple of weeks ago.  When we had gone before, L fell in love with the tuna nachos.  So much so, that for about a month before we went to CoG for the second time, she was craving those nachos. Moral of the story?  We went for the tuna nachos, and ended up with another perfect dining experience.

So you all know that L was getting the tuna nachos.  They were just as awesome as we remembered.  L was a very happy camper.  The tuna was delicious, there was just the right amount of spice, and everything just came together in your mouth.

I decided to get something else off of the menu.  I went with the Warm Crab-Parmesan Dip.  I think you can probably understand why.  This dip was warm and creamy and comforting.  It was so good, in fact that when I ran out of pita bread and crackers, I ate it with a spoon.  Absolutely outstanding.  Order this when you go.
So warm and so creamy.
We hadn't originally planned on staying for anything other than appetizers.  But we were still hungry, so we decided to share a pizza.  CoG has awesome pizzas - we had gotten two the last time we were there.  This time, we tried one that we hadn't gotten before: the Veggie pizza.  Sounds boring, right?  Not so much.  The squash was reason enough to order this.  It was cooked, but still crunchy (I LOVE that), and the tomatoes were almost sweet.  Both L and I were extremely pleased with this pizza.  After an appetizer a piece, half of the pizza each was exactly enough food.

They certainly didn't skimp on the veggies.
We were pretty much ready to go after this.  But then the guy sitting next to us at the bar ordered dessert.  Grilled pound cake with caramel and fresh strawberries.  So much for not being hungry.  We totally ordered dessert.  It was fabulous.  The strawberries were super fresh, the pound cake was crunch around the outside and warm and soft on the inside.  I was pretty much ready for a nap after I ate this.  Perfect way to close out a meal.

So very good.
I can't recommend Cellar on Greene enough.  We've had Laurel as our bartender both times we've been there, and she is awesome.  She's personable and knowledgeable, and friendly.  She's recommended some great stuff to us and hasn't ever steered us wrong.  I can guarantee we'll be back in soon.

Final Rating:

You can check out Cellar on Greene on Facebook, Twitter, or on the web. My first Cellar on Greene review can be found here

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