Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekends are made for eating.

I spent quite a lot of time eating out this weekend.  It happened to be opening weekend for college baseball, and my friends and I had plans to hit all three games.  Game one was on Friday at 3 p.m., so we all elected to take the afternoon off of work and grab some lunch and drinks before cheering on the team.  Convenience of location, and the fact that I still had some gift cards left from the SC Restaurant Week giveaway (courtesy of the Columbia Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau), we elected to go to Wild Wing Cafe.

It wouldn't be game day without a little bourbon, so A got us a round of Crown Royal Black.  Delicious, but maybe a little overpowering for the middle of the day.  I was much happier with our bucket of Sam Adams Boston Lager.

There are actually 6 bottles in a bucket, but we had pulled a couple out before I remembered to take a picture.

Super Snacker Sampler, A.K.A. Fried Goodness
We ordered the Super Snacker Sampler (which I had reviewed previously), and the Tasty Trio Sampler to share between the three of us.  It was the perfect amount of food for the three of us, and great game day fare.  The Trio sampler comes with 12 wings, 8 nuggets, and 6 Chicken Feathers.  You can pick one type of sauce for each item, so we got the Wild West on the feathers, Red Dragon on the nuggets, and Jalapeno Cheddar on the wings.  I'd never had the Red Dragon or Jalapeno Cheddar flavors, but I have definitely become a fan.  Neither flavor was as spicy as I had anticipated.  They both just gave a little kick to whichever item they were on.

Nuggets on the left, wings in the middle, feathers on the right

We went on to watch some baseball (we won...by a lot).  And then out for dinner, which you can read about here.

Saturday was another day for baseball.  And because I still had money left on the gift cards (it's really hard to spend $150 at Wild Wing Cafe when you go during lunch), I grabbed some friends, and this time we headed to WWC for dinner. At this point, I was feeling a little bit Wild Winged out, but I needed to spend the money, and I was pretty exhausted, so the idea of not having to cook was pretty appealing.

Warm & Melty appetizer.  Fabulous.
We started with a bucket of beer (and then continued with a few more), and the David's Chicken and Friends appetizer.  This one is described as being "all warm and melty."  Bacon, chicken, cheese, and ranch?  Yes please.

There were five of us at dinner on Saturday.  R & L ordered the Tasty Trio Sampler, exactly as we had had it the day before, except with the Gold Rush sauce instead of the Wild West.  M got the 8 piece nuggets with the Wild West sauce (I think).  A had the Wild Chef Salad with honey mustard dressing.  I had the Fajita Fiesta Salad (I was feeling vegetable deprived) with the southwest ranch dressing.  All of our meals were pretty standard.  The one thing I will say though, is that WWC has excellent salads.  All of the ones that come with chicken have the option to be made in whatever wing sauce you prefer, and have the option to get the chicken grilled instead of fried.  They're pretty big too, so you will be full.  I barely managed to finish my salad, and I really only did so because I was dying for some veggies.

Fajita Fiesta Salad - black beans, corn, greens, grilled chicken (or steak if you'd rather), poblano peppers, pico de gallo, sour cream, and tortilla strips I would order this again in a heartbeat.

Wild Chef salad - chicken, ham, shrimp, cheese, bacon, cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggs.
All in all, we had a great weekend of food.  WWC is definitely the kind of place where a larger group makes the experience a little more fun.  It's a great place to kick back and enjoy a few beers and some snacks with friends.  It's also pretty kid friendly, at least early on in the evening.  And...here's the kicker.  WWC also does Sunday brunch.  And yes, we ended up going on Sunday morning before the third baseball game of the weekend.  Brunch wasn't anything spectacular, but it was pretty good.  I was only about half awake, so I was a little lax in my picture and note taking, but I can tell you that we had a good time.  And that there are bottomless mimosas.  I would definitely recommend ordering them.

You can check out my other review of WWC here.

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