Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Hour with a Side of Mushrooms and Bacon

One of my favorite things about living in SC is the weather.  Here it is, only the middle of February, and it's supposed to be 73 degrees and sunny today.  Part of the reason that I love the weather is because there are very few things I like more than enjoying a cold beer while sitting outside with friends.

Yesterday, I had planned to enjoy happy hour with a friend (L) at Delaney's since they have great outdoor seating, and it's a prime place for people watching.  The weather foiled our plans, and was a little colder than we had anticipated, so we ended up enjoying our beer and dinner inside at the bar.

As usual, my first question when I walked in was to ask if they had anything new on tap.  I lucked out, and the bartender recommended the Sierra Nevada Harvest.  It was delicious.  Very hoppy, but very smooth.  I don't think I've ever met a Sierra Nevada I didn't like, but I  would definitely recommend this one.  L got there shortly after I did, and ordered her customary Sweetwater IPA.  I'm a big fan of this one as well, but again, I tend to really like IPAs.

As is customary, we ended up getting hungry while we were sitting there, so we ordered food.  L ordered spinach dip and a grilled cheese with bacon.  I had the French dip with mushrooms (yes, mushrooms are one of my favorite foods - they'll be mentioned a lot) and cheese fries.  Healthy?  Not in the slightest.  Tasty?  Extremely.  I may have mentioned Delaney's spinach dip earlier.  It's worth mentioning again.  My favorite part of the dip?  The huge chunks of artichoke hearts that are mixed in.  And the bacon that can be added upon request (I would suggest requesting it, unless you don't eat bacon).  I've also found that Delaney's makes an excellent grilled cheese.  It's made on rye bread, and it's melty and again, the bacon really adds something to it.  Of course, I like bacon about as much as I like mushrooms.  The grilled cheese is listed on the menu under the kids section, but have no fear.  It is definitely available for adults as well.  I really like to order it in the summer because it's not too heavy but still fills me up.

The French dip is one of the three or four things that are my go-tos when at Delaney's.  I also always order it with mushrooms.  The beef is tender, the au jus is flavored well, and it's not so big that I can't finish it.  It's normally served with fries.  I decided to spice things up a bit, and make mine cheese fries.  Because really, adding cheese and bacon to anything certainly makes it taste better.

Bonus for happy hour on Wednesday at Delaney's: Wednesday is Pint Night, so all draft beers are $2.00.  Cheap, filling, and tasty food paired with a cold, cheaply priced, tasty beer?    Pretty much the perfect combination.  Definitely make sure to check out Delaney's if you want a casual atmosphere with decent food and good drinks.  But make sure you get there early if you want to snag a table outside.

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