Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If you ever find yourself in Columbus, Ohio........

I know it's been awhile since I've updated, but in my defense, I was out of town for a wedding, and things were a little crazy.  So crazy in fact, that the two times I did go out to eat, I forgot that I had my camera, and acted just like a regular diner instead of a food blogger.  That means that you're about to get some food write-ups, but no accompanying pictures.  You'll just have to trust me when I tell you the food was good.

Like I said, I was out of town for a wedding.  One of the night's I was there was for a bachelorette party.  Like all smart partiers, we decided that some food before (or during) our shenanigans was an excellent plan.  We started the night at 343 Front Street Tavern & Sports Bar, located in the Arena District in Columbus, Ohio.  It was your typical sports bar, though it was a little bit quiet for a Thursday night.  But there were good drinks, great food, and some hilarious karaoke that made it perfect for what my group was looking for.

There were eight of us who were there that night, and most of us ordered the same thing, so here's a quick rundown of our menu choices:

1. Chicken Quesadilla. I know, I know.  How boring can you get?  There was nothing boring about this quesadilla.  It had grilled chicken, three different cheeses, tomatoes, green onions, and salsa.  And it was served with sour cream and shredded, seasoned lettuce on the side.  The best part?  It was crunchy.  You know how you sometimes go to a restaurant and order a quesadilla and it is so mushy that you have to cut it instead of eating it with your hands?  Not so with this one.  The tortilla was grilled just to the point where it had enough crunch to not fall apart.  As I'm a fairly messy eater, this worked out exceptionally well for me.  Plus the salsa was the perfect temperature - hotter than your typical medium salsa, but not overbearingly spicy.  This would be the thing that I would recommend to anyone who decides to visit 343.

2. Deep Fried Pickles.  Despite the fact that I live in SC, I hadn't tried fried pickles before this night.  I can't believe I've waited so long.  I love pickles.  Almost as much as I love mushrooms and bacon.  And, like most Americans, I love fried food.  Combining two of my great loves?  Perfect.  Now, I've only ever seen fried pickles as chips.  These were actually fried pickle spears, served with a side of ranch.  I have since decided that fried pickles should be an option at every non-high-end restaurant out there.  Huge thanks to my cousin for introducing me to this wonderful creation.

3. BBQ Chicken Wrap.  BBQ chicken, red onions, cilantro, corn, lettuce, and cheese?  Yes please.  This would also make a fabulous salad.  Maybe even throw in some black beans.  Delicious.

4. Though I didn't get to try them, I also heard fabulous things about the buffalo chicken sandwich and the crispy chicken wrap. 

I don't plan on going back to Ohio anytime in the near future, but if you happen to be in the area, I would strongly suggest you check this place out.  It also has a pretty comfortable bar atmosphere, with tables to accommodate parties of all sizes, and a lounge type area with couches and comfy chairs.  It looked like there was a fantastic outdoor patio as well, but it was snowing the night we were there, so I didn't get to check it out.  There's also a huge stage.  The night we were there was for karaoke, but they also have DJs and bands who play regularly. I have a feeling that if 343 Front Street was in my town, I'd spend way more time there than is healthy.

Final Rating

You can find 343 Front Street Tavern & Sports Bar on Twitter or on the web.

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