Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm pretty sure that brunch was created for people who are as indecisve as I am.

If I had to pick a favorite meal of the day, it would be brunch.  The option to eat either breakfast or lunch food (or a combination thereof) makes me exceptionally happy.  And sharing a lazy meal with friends on a Sunday morning/afternoon makes it even better.  So this weekend, I met a couple girlfriends at Liberty Tap Room for brunch.  I've been to Liberty a couple of times before, but never for brunch.  I had heard many things about how awesome Liberty's brunch was, but I just never managed to get there.  Until Sunday.

I was running a little late on Sunday morning, so my friends had already ordered drinks - a mimosa and a bloody mary.  This was probably the best looking bloody mary I have ever seen.  It was garnished with olives, lemon, lime, celery, and a gigantic shrimp.  And it tasted about as good as it looked.  The mimosas were pretty good too (I especially liked that there were a variety of them listed on the menu).  I could have done with slightly less pulpy orange juice, but that's just my personal preference.  The mimosas were delicious.  But our drinks had nothing on our actual meal.
Look at the crazy tree of celery! There was a shrimp too, but it had already been eaten by the time I got a picture.
  It took us a little while to decide what we wanted off of the brunch menu, but while we were deciding, we munched on a basket of mini blueberry muffins.  They were hot and the butter we added just melted into the muffins.  There were six in the basket, so just enough for each of us to have two - perfect, so that we weren't full before our meals actually arrived.

Look at how big those shrimp are...and the delicious Cajun sauce on top.
We finally settled on Shrimp & Grits, the Prime Rib Omelet, and the Liberty Omelet.  Let's start with the shrimp & grits.  I can't eat shrimp because of an allergy, and grits aren't really my favorite thing in the world, but these were some of the better ones that I've had.  They're served covered in a Cajun sauce with andouille sausage, peppers, and onions.  Obviously I wasn't able to try the shrimp, but I have it on good authority that they were delicious.  As for the sauce, I just wanted to eat it with a spoon.  It was great.  And for a non-grit lover, it really enhanced the grits.  Sidenote about the grits.....Liberty serves Adluh yellow stone grits, which are milled and processed about a block away from the restaurant.  Always a plus in my book to use local ingredients.

Nice bowl of grits with the omelet.  I wonder if you can add the cajun sauce?
The Liberty Omelet.  I didn't try this, as I also ordered an omelet, but by all accounts, this was one that could be ordered again.  The omelets come with toast, which was pre-buttered in some kind of cinnamon sugar butter.  It was awesome, mostly because it wasn't overpowering, but more like just a hint of cinnamon.  With an omelet, you also have a choice of grits or breakfast potatoes.  The Liberty Omelet itself has applewood smoked bacon, ham, red & green bell peppers, onions, and a mix of cheeses.  It certainly looked good to me, and I was assured that it was.

There was so much prime rib, it couldn't fit in the omelet.
I ordered the Prime Rib Omelet.  It was an excellent choice.  It was more like a cheesesteak wrapped in eggs instead of a hoagie roll. I wouldn't have minded if the prime rib had been a little less done, but I like my steak close to mooing.  On the plus side, there was so much of the prime rib, that it was oozing out of the omelet with the cheese.  The eggs were fluffy, the onions and mushrooms perfectly balanced each other, and the boursin cheese gave it a nice little tang.  Since I'm not a huge fan of grits, I ordered the potatoes.  There wasn't really anything special about the potatoes.  I did like that they had the skins on, and that they were mixed with peppers.  They were just your basic breakfast potatoes that you could get anywhere.  But honestly, it didn't matter because the omelet and toast were so good.

 All in all, we had a great brunch.  We sat in a booth in the bar area of the restaurant, but could have sat outside on the big patio if we had wanted to.  At least during brunch, it wouldn't be inappropriate to bring the kids - we saw several families with small children.  Also of note....parking isn't the greatest.  It's in a pretty popular area of downtown, so parking is limited.  I believe that do have a valet service for dinner, but not during the day.  The brunch menu has a good variety, and I would definitely like to try something else the next time I go there.  Our server was attentive, our food was delicious, and the drinks were fabulous.  Next time, I might have to try the Chambord mimosa...or maybe go outside of my usual comfort zone and order a bloody mary.  And probably the crab cakes benedict.  So who wants to go to brunch this weekend?

Final Rating

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